Caregivers Services

Caregivers Services



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The Caregiver Program of SNAP Support Groups


We are committed to the well being of the caregiver and to providing a variety of services within a warm and supportive environment, at home, in the community and by tele-conference. Our services include:


Individual Counseling: supportive coun-seling around caregiving issues done in person (our office/your home) or over the phone.


Support groups: caregiver support groups running at several different locations and times; weekly teleconference support groups held over the phone for spouses; bereavement groups for those who have recently lost the person they were caring for.


Educational Workshops: informational sessions on various topics related to care-giving done by our staff or a professional expert on the topic.


Case Assistance: you will have a casework-er who is available to you for information, referrals, resources, help with entitlements and benefits, etc.


Respite: this is meant as a short-term break for the caregiver done in 3 different ways: sending an aide into the home on an average of 8 hrs. per month for 3 months at a time, covering the cost/cost sharing of SADS 1 day per week for a period of time and covering the cost/cost sharing your loved one staying overnight at a facility we work with in the community.


Supplemental: a small pot of money used to help alleviate the financial burden of care-giving through either purchasing medical supplies for your loved one or offering 10% off receipts submitted.